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            Air ShowerWI

            1. 目的 Purpose:


            Ensure the air Shower correct and safe use, to ensure that their service life.

            2. 范圍 Scope:


            Clean room of company.

            3. 職責 Responsibility:


            Air Shower in and out of all the staff.

            4. 操作程序 Operating Procedures:

            4.1 進入無塵車間時使用風淋室操作方法:

            Into the use of clean room operation of Air Shower


            (1) 人員由非潔凈區走到風淋室外門

            Staff from non-clean up areas into thedoor Air Shower.



            Open the outer door, entered the AirShower after the subsequent closure of the outer door.



            Through infrared sensors, sensing area according to voice.Two-door locked automatically, Air Shower fans began to work.


            (4) 按設定的時間吹淋完后,按語音提示打開內門進入潔凈室

            Time set by the wind after the shower,according to the voice inside to open the door into the clean room.


            4.2 注意事項 Notes


            We need to see whether there have people before entering Air Shower(shower system, can not be forced to push and pull the door hard, but not mandatory open the door, or electric lock will be damaged) <Figure 5>



            Do not push the glass door when you go out/into the air shower, so as to avoid the injury after broken glass(Figure 7)



            Air Shower after entering the need to close the door first and then induced to stand in the sensor area, especially the people together, and then close the door to start the air shower.



            Indoor Air Shower standing shower when the wind will not accept to avoid Air Shower.

            (Figure 4)



            Prohibit any non-professional equipment for the staff of the Air Shower any of the technical parameters to adjust settings. (Figure 1)



            Can not be changed in the direction of the wind mouth.



            When we have to go out into the shower push pull door handles, do not open the doors opening to the limit in order to avoid the door, door locks, closed-door's damage. (Figure 2)


            Large items such as materials cart, the cart etc. can not go in and out Air Shower (Figure 6), the need to take the other side of the door.


            Department of Equipment employee should be checked daily at the Air Shower operation, ifunusual, reported in a timely manner to deal with engineers.



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